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The Second generation world!

New 'Simple' Spawn as requested!

Added fun plugins!

Voting closed: Results!

After a short break during the patch from 1.4 to 1.5 we are back with a brand new world and new spawn to play in.

We have also made some plugin changes since last time. Most notably no McMMO which means you dont rank up the more you do something. This gives newer players a level playing field and makes PVP a thing of skill and not just 'whos been around the longest'

  • We also have done away with the over powered VIP kit, but added more 'fun perks' to the VIP kit, and still have some ideas yet to impliment.
  • Curreny was ditched in the second world and XP shops were introduced. This was voted to add an element to the game as the currency shops were too easy to cheat to get unlimited money.
New website, with new info page on all the commands and basics to get set up on the server!
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