The Basics...

First thing you want to do when you start is make a facion. This is done by typing '/F CREATE [FACTION NAME]' For example if you wanted to call your faction 'PvPers' you would type '/F CREATE PvPers' Then you can claim land, which stops people from destroying blocks and opening your doors.

A list of other useful commands are:

/f claim - Claims land for your faction.

/f unlaim - Unclaims the land your standing on.

/f sethome - Sets your faction home to where your standing.

/f home - This will warp you to the above location you just set.

/sethome - This sets a personal warp point.

/home - This warps you to thie above point.

/f who {player} - Tells you info about a certian player or faction.


New website, with new info page on all the commands and basics to get set up on the server!